Today Gold Rate, Gold Price Today, Gold Rate Today

Today Gold Rate, Gold Price Today, Gold Rate Today

Gold Rate Today: Hello friends, welcome to our new post, it will be told through this post that the price of gold fluctuates daily. Before buying gold, it is necessary to know what is its price in the market, only after that you buy gold, otherwise you can be cheated if you do not know the exact price near the goldsmith. Here all of you will be told about the price of 10 grams of gold of 24 carats. The buyer of gold should know that how many carats is the pure gold. How to identify gold, all kinds of information that must be going on in your thoughts, the solution to the problem has been told here.

Before buying gold, you must identify the quality of gold, because in the present time, even the oldest gold will be available in the market. Friends, the price of gold in India today is approx. ₹61115 in big cities like Delhi, Below is the list given in the table which is the price of gold in these famous cities, you can also see their information through the table where the price of 10 grams of gold which is of 24 carat has been mentioned. At what time gold is the choice of every women.

Women love to wear gold jewellery and let me tell you that pure gold jewelery cannot be made because that gold is salty. That’s why after bringing the gold from the mine to convert them into ornaments, it is allowed to remain 22 carats only and it is mixed with other metals like silver, which is of 2 carats, in total it becomes 24 carats and pure gold. This is how jewelery is made. The cost of gold is very low in big cities like Dubai. There the price of this 10 grams of gold is only ₹ 52000.

Gold Price Today

City Gram (24k) Price ₹
Ahmedabad 10 gram 61,170
Amritsar 10 gram 61,125
Bengaluru 10 gram 61,170
Bhopal 10 gram 61,110
Chennai 10 gram 61,160
Coimbatore 10 gram 61,230
Delhi 10 gram 61,115
Faridabad 10 gram 61,060
Gurugram 10 gram 61,010
Hyderabad 10 gram 61,160
Jaipur 10 gram 61,080
Kanpur 10 gram 61,070
Kochi 10 gram 61,165
Kolkata 10 gram 61,100
Lucknow 10 gram 61,080
Madurai 10 gram 61,245
Meerut 10 gram 61,055
Mumbai 10 gram 60,915
Patna 10 gram 59,275
Visakhapatnam 10 gram 61,200

Gold Price Yesterday

City Gram (24k) Price ₹
Ahmedabad 10 gram 61,240
Amritsar 10 gram 61,220
Bengaluru 10 gram 61,230
Bhopal 10 gram 61,120
Chennai 10 gram 61,290
Coimbatore 10 gram 61,370
Delhi 10 gram 61,190
Faridabad 10 gram 61,070
Gurugram 10 gram 61,020
Hyderabad 10 gram 61,220
Jaipur 10 gram 61,210
Kanpur 10 gram 61,265
Kochi 10 gram 61,295
Kolkata 10 gram 61,220
Lucknow 10 gram 61,275
Madurai 10 gram 61,270
Meerut 10 gram 61,250
Mumbai 10 gram 61,130
Patna 10 gram 61,270
Visakhapatnam 10 gram 61,220

How to identify the purity of gold-

The purity of gold can be identified in 3 ways. Through BIS Court written on gold, you can extract the complete horoscope of gold. To identify the purity of gold through BIS code, a mobile application comes, which is called BIS Mobile Application.

While buying gold through this app, any person can extract the entire horoscope of gold by writing the BIS code written on the gold jewelery to the court in this app. The Hall mark imposed by the Government of India identifies the purity of gold. The domestic method is that if the gold changes its color when a drop of vinegar is put on it, then the gold there is considered to be fake.

How many carats is pure gold?

There are many good people who do not know the unit of measurement of gold. They may know about measurement in different words, but in pure Hindi language, gold is measured in carats, if any gold is of 24 carats, then it is considered pure and this gold is completely saline. Gold extracted from the mine is considered in this form.

But for making jewellery, they are kept only up to 22 carats and other metals like silver are mixed in them and they are solidified only after that they are made in the form of any jewellery. That is why it is believed that gold jewelery is always of 24 carat. At some places you will get to see gold of 18 carats as well. If you go to the market to buy gold, then try to get at least 22 carats there.

What is BIS code?

BIS code is a hallmark run by the Government of India. The purity of gold is identified by the BIS code. These codes are written in the form of numbers which you have written. see through picture, This code is definitely written in all the gold ornaments in every goldsmith shop in India, if the BIS code is not written on the gold ornaments, then understand that there is something wrong there. That’s why before buying gold, pay attention to the BIS code. The logo of the BIS code is triangular in shape.

Today Gold Rate, Gold Price Today, Gold Rate Today

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